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Uses For The Ultimate Green Solution

Water is always needed. Warm or hot water works faster. Some soils require dwell times. Dwell time is the word used by professional cleaners to describe the amount of time needed to penetrate, dislodge and release dirt, grease, fat, oils and stains. Fresh dirt and grime clean up easily. Dried, hardened grease and grime need more dwell time.  In the following hints, the dwell time is for average challenges.


Kitchen Uses







Range Hood


Stove Top










Bathroom Uses

Bathroom Floor


Tile Grout






Sink & Faucet


Shower Door




Bathroom Mirror


Medicine Cabinet


Bathroom Vents


Flooring Uses

Tile Floor


Wood Floor


Vinyl Floor


Laminate Floor




Outdoor / Patio Uses

BBQ / Grill


Patio Deck




Patio Furniture


Playground Equipment



Garage Floors


Garage Cabinets




Paint Brushes


Wheels / Rims


Vegetable Uses











Personal Uses



Hand Wash




Acne Wash


Shower / Body Wash



Pet Carpet Stains


Horse Wash


Dog Wash


Cat Wash


Kills Fleas

  • IMPORTANT: When farmers spray insecticides on fruit and vegetables, they must use oil covered poisons, or else the rain would ease them away. ordinary “veggie” washes cannot dissolve the oil you and your family are ingesting pesticides. To my knowledge The Ultimate Green Solution is the only safe cleaner that can dissolve the oil and wash away the poisons.
  • FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: To remove insecticides, grime, bugs, wax, and crud, rinse then spray with The Ultimate Green Solution. For apples, carrots or other hard produce, rub briskly by hand or with a small scrub brush. Rinse under running water.Rinse well. You will be amazed at the amount of stuff that is removed.

Restaurants, Food processing plants, dairy sanitation, laundry, pet, horse & livestock shampoo, barnyard & stable cleanliness, farm equipment maintenance, industrial strength foaming hand soap, office equipment, government & educational facilities, janitorial maintenance, commercial restrooms, floor stripping, graffiti removal, correctional facilities, public transit, parts washing & degreasing, boat & vehicle engine degreasing, soil & water bio remediation along with numerous other chores.

BATHROOM The Ultimate Green Solution will keep your bathroom sparkling clean and healthy.

FLOOR TILE: Sweep first.  Spray generously.  Use a soft brush to agitate into the grout.  Wipe with a damp cloth for unbelievable results!

MARBLE: Spray generously .  Wipe with wet cloth.  Dry and buff to a shine.

SHOWER DOORS: Spray.  Agitate glass surface with wet cloth or brush. Rinse, then wipe dry.

SINK & FAUCETS: Spray.  DWELL TIME: 30 seconds.  Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.  If heavily soiled or crusted, agitate with a brush.  Rinse.  Wipe sink and faucets with a dry cloth for a sparkle.

Usage Info

SOAP SCUM: Wet the area with water, then spray.  DWELL TIME: 60 seconds.  Scrub and agitate with brush or textured side of sponge flowing solution to penetrate the dirt inside.  Rinse.  If soap scum on glass surfaces is built up over time, this process will need to be repeated.

TUB & SHOWER: Wet sides of shower and tub.  Spray on all surfaces.  DWELL TIME: 60 seconds.  Scrub with a wet cloth, sponge, or brush.

MIRRORS: Spray.  Wipe with soft cloth for a streak-free shiny finish.


Tile Grout

Love this cleaner.  Only complaint is that I now need more!! Wow, this cleaner works on anything.  Used on mirrors, toilets, floors, shower, tub and windows.  Gets all dirt and grease up so easily and with no chemicals.  We recommend this cleaner to everyone we know now:))

The Bryant Family- Pueblo, Co

Purchased this at the ACE hardware store in Colorado Springs.  Used it the next day to clean the grout in our kitchen that was really dirty.  It worked like a charm!!  Really great stuff!

Kendra S. Ft. Collins, CO

Can I say absolutely AMAZING!  Love the fact that there is no smell!

Barbara. Denver, CO

I am in love and addicted to this cleaner.  I use it on everything!  Its actually fun to clean the house with this. Thank you!!

Kelsey M. Denver, CO

I love this cleaner.  All natural and cleans better than anything I have ever used!

Randy S. Colorado Springs, CO

Great cleaner!!  Saves me money because all you need is this one cleaner.  No need to get separate cleaners because this does it all.

Tom- Colorado Springs, CO

Being very cautious of cleaning products , I was glad to have found this all plants base one ! It is all natural and works amazingly well ! I’m hooked on it and have been using it very successfully on carpet spots , shower doors etc… Simply amazing !

MarieClaire - Colorado Springs, CO

Well, we used this product this morning because our puppy got sick and had diarrhea.  He went to the bathroom all over our $500 dollar white rug that we have in the house.  After spraying this cleaner all over the area and let it sit for about 3 minutes, we cleaned up the entire mess with absolutely no stain left on the white rug!!  To be honest, we did not think this cleaner would work that amazingly and get the brown fecal matter off the carpet as well as clean it.  I can only thank this cleaner for making our lives better. Also works fantastic on grout, toilets, glass shower doors, or really anything else in the house to be honest. We also use this as a shampoo and are blown away at the results.   What an amazing price also for a cleaner that does all of this. Save your money on all those other cleaners because this is the only one you will ever need.

Cindy - Pueblo, CO

Compared to all the other cleaning products that I have used, The Ultimate Green Solution cleans better than anything I have ever tried.  I have long used Mrs. Myer’s cleaners in our house and recently realized that Myer’s cleaners are NOT SAFE!! They carry many toxic chemicals like Methyldihydrojasmonate; 2,6-Dimethyl-7, and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) to name a few.  After learning this I will NEVER go back to another cleaner.  This cleaner contains absolutely no chemicals or toxins and cleans much better than anything me and my family have ever used.  We absolutely love this cleaner and all that it does while knowing we are not using chemicals that could potentially harm us and the environment. We highly recommend this cleaner to anyone that loves a clean house with out the use of chemicals.

Christine - Denver, CO

Purchased this all-natural cleaner after using a different cleaner that I have used for years.  My husband and I love the fact that this cleaner is free from all toxins, chemicals, and carcinogens.  We love the fact that we can use this product around the pets and two young children ages 5 and 7 that we have.  It is a pleasure to clean the bathroom and shower now because it easily removes all the disgusting dirt and oil that forms in and on the side of the bathtub and shower.  After showering, I spray this in the shower and on the glass and simply walk away.  Also, this is the most amazing pre-spot cleaner for laundry. We simply spray on any stain that we may have on clothes and the stain is completely out!

Samantha - Glenview, Illinois

I purchased this product because I was looking for something that I could clean my entire house with.  This cleaner is great because it does everything from cleaning your fruits and vegetables, to cleaning oil stains that I have in my garage floor.  I have never seen a product clean as good as this one ever!  I love the fact that there is also no smell to this.  If anything, it smells like fresh rainwater after you are done cleaning.   Very awesome cleaner in my opinion.

Zach - Castle Rock, CO

I am addicted to this cleaner.  I use it on my stainless-steel appliances, mirrors, granite, to toilets. This is actually the absolute best glass cleaner out there that I have used because it leaves absolutely no streaks!  It is so nice to use a product that cleans as well as this one does without the smell of dangerous chemicals and toxins.  I highly recommend this to anyone that cares about the health and safety of their family.

Misty - Castle Rock, CO

After many failed attempts, using various (toxic) products to clean the scum from the shower door I finally found one that delivers, I sprayed (no odor) ‘Ultimate Green Solution’ on, waited a few minutes, and then used a  plastic scrubby to remove the stains-WOW-like magic-it was new again- stains gone! I also used this amazing product on mirrors and glass, once again- WOW-no smudges! I sprayed it on, waited a minute, wiped it off-Sparkling clean! I can’t wait to see what it does on the driveway oil stains and all the other cleaning projects I have in store. It takes the drudgery out of cleaning- you instantly see the results!

Kitty - Colorado Springs, CO

I have to say, I am thrilled with the results of this product! It’s easy to use, safe for the environment, leaves no harsh odor behind and best of all, made in the USA!

Robert - Colorado Springs, CO

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